Thintech Health is a specialist Citrix health
check for any size of Citrix server farm.

It provides recommendations for optimising the performance
of your Citrix environments, and will:

• identify specific problems
• help with the configuration of a more efficient
and stable solution
• facilitate provision of skills and knowledge
• guide specific advice on key areas such
as performance, security and system interconnectivity
• help prepare for trouble-free upgrades or other
major changes such as the transition to a
managed support service
• ensure that you are enjoying the benefits you
invested in

Why health check?

A Thintech Citrix health check will help you:

• improve performance
• increase reliability
• reduce operating costs

Who is it for?

This service is for any organisation using Citrix whose
user experience is deteriorating, with:

• performance issues
• printing problems
• profile issues

The Thintech 80-point Health Check:

• ensures your Citrix environment is built and operating according to Citrix best practice
• audits all server resources for optimum performance including, disk, CPU, memory and networking as well as any critical Citrix services
• identifies/highlights any current or potential performance issues
• highlights any licensed features that you’re not getting the best from
• assesses whether your servers meet your current and projected needs
• proposes remedial actions to resolve any known or discovered issues
• provides recommendations to improve the user experience for your people
• delivers a prioritised action plan

How it works
1)  Set-up meeting (or conference call, Go To meeting or Skype) to:

• review current Citrix platform
• discuss your issues or challenges
• agree health check objectives
• plan the health check timetable

2) Our engineers conduct a comprehensive technical audit and analysis to:

• review the configuration of your current physical and virtual hardware, operating system and Citrix environment
• assess your Citrix infrastructure services, including remote access, user management, monitoring and management procedures

• gather and record inventory, configuration and usage data from XenApp hosts

3) We will provide a written Health Check report which:

• analyses the data gathered
• identifies areas with potential for optimisation (e.g. server configurations, infrastructure and operational processes) to achieve performance and efficiency goals plus best practice
• documents findings and recommendations

4) Review of Health Check findings and recommendations:

• presentation of findings (meeting, conference call or virtual meeting)
• discussion of recommendations with consultant engineer