How We Work

We specialise in designing and delivering desktop virtualisation solutions. Since 2006 we’ve delivered over 100,000 desktops, perfecting a build methodology that can out-perform local PCs to deliver applications and desktops via Microsoft Windows.

Innovation comes as standard

A continuous programme of research and development supports our aim to be at the forefront of innovation in VDI solutions.

The knowledge and intellectual property we’ve amassed, and the Thintech tools and techniques we’ve developed enable us to deliver you results that our competitors simply can’t match.

Our extensive R&D resources –reference libraries, test labs and demonstration facilities – also allow you to try out the very latest Citrix solutions before we implement them, giving you peace of mind.

Solutions tailored to your business

We want every client organisation to be delighted with their virtual IT experience. So we don’t offer an off-the-peg package. Our tested and proven information gathering process allows us to fully understand your business needs and infrastructure. Our consultants use this information to provide a bespoke design using Microsoft and Citrix products; a design which will fulfil your current needs and provide the flexibility and scalability to support future change and expansion.

Benefits of the Thintech Profile Management Methodology (TPMM)

Our optimised profile management solution enables us to fine-tune your VDI experience and optimise display and response times without the need for your organisation to invest in expensive SANs or profile management software.

  • Achieve a 75% saving when compared to a PC replacement programme
  • Realise an average 200 desktops per server, against an industry average of 40
  • Rely on a secure system with built-in resilience and no single point of failure

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100% customer retention

We work for our clients, not the software vendors, and our mission to ensure successful delivery of every project is reflected in the fact that we have never lost a client. We will never deliver a project and then walk away. We consider on-going support to be essential – and our service desk is at the centre of that.

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Part of the team

We, and our clients, see us as a strategic partner, dedicated to the success of their virtualisation projects and their organisations. As your VDI consultant, we become part of your own in-house IT team (regardless of the size or scope of the project) and our ongoing support enables us to train your staff to deal with minor issues and updates themselves.

Thintech Methodology presentation.