Think Hosted

Think Flexible

Does your organisation need to:

  • Promote secure, reliable mobile working options for all your employees?
  • Ensure a consistent desktop experience at multiple physical sites?
  • Allow for customised software to meet the needs of different people within the business?
  • Have the flexibility to scale your desktop provision up or down?
  • Guarantee data security and data protections standard meet statutory requirements?
  • Have a robust disaster recovery service with minimal disruption?

A managed hosted desktop solution which meets the diverse needs of an entire organisation –– whether that’s specialist software, BYOD or ensuring backup in the event of a power failure – is an asset that few businesses can boast.

404, a member of the Thintech group, offers Flexidesk®, Flexidesk Light and Flexidesk Enterprise – 3 levels of desktop hosting to suit your organisations’ needs. Find out more at 404