Thomas Eggar LLP enjoys a secure mobile workspace

In common with many multi-discipline and multi-site firms, Thomas Eggar, a top-100 UK law firm, had evolved a complex estate of software applications, including some highly specialised case management systems, to support the needs of different users – resulting in incompatibility and challenges with integration.

The variety of PC desktops in the firm’s offices (based in locations across the south of England) presented a challenge to the IT team, and a forthcoming merger added additional pressure – with 74 new staff needing fully integrated desktop access, and the requirement to merge the two firms’ practice management, finance and administrative systems whilst retaining full security of confidential files.

Head of IT, Paul Serkis, and his team selected Thintech’s solution using Citrix XenApp, to deliver a single, secure desktop to all staff – across all locations and on any device. It allowed a secure, centralised data centre, and, crucially, the specialised systems could be delivered seamlessly to any user with designated access rights.

Enabling streamlined IT management

With a new merger announced, the IT team had just one evening to provide new, merged staff with a working Thomas Eggar desktop.

“The timing was perfect for us. Our Citrix desktop was ready for immediate deployment and it went very, very well.”
Paul Serkis. Head of IT.

“Thintech was very good. The team came in, held our hand and helped us through the period of change in a controlled manner. They helped us establish the new processes and policies in advance so that we avoided problems.”