Thintech Health

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Thintech Health is a specialist Citrix health check. This short-term consultancy service is designed to provide recommendations for optimising the performance of your Citrix environments.

Why do you need a health check?

Citrix environments, especially incorrectly installed, are subject to ongoing change. As a result, user performance can degrade over time, and the need for support intervention can increase, reducing productivity and increasing cost. Our engineers are frequently called upon to fix problems created by Citrix installations which have been poorly implemented by our competitors.

With a Thintech Citrix health check we can help you:

  • improve performance
  • increase reliability
  • reduce operating costs.

Thintech delivers the Citrix health check for any size of Citrix server farm, to:
identify specific problems

  • help with the configuration of a more efficient and stable solution
  • facilitate provision of skills and knowledge transfer
  • guide specific advice on key areas such as performance, security and system inter-connectivity
  • help prepare for upgrades or other major changes

The 80-point health check will:

  • ensure the Citrix environment is built and operating according to Citrix best practice audit all server resources including, disk, CPU, memory and networking as well as any critical Citrix services
  • identify/highlight any current or potential bottlenecks and performance issues
  • provide customer visibility of any licensed features that are not being utilised

How does it work?

The Health Check is a balance between on-site information gathering and off-site documentation activities. Systems being audited are typically live production systems, so our consultant takes great care not to disrupt the environment.

No changes will be made as part of the Health Check activity. We present our recommended changes in the Red/Amber/Green Health Check report which, based on our consultant’s extensive field experience, outlines current industry best practice configuration. It includes a summary of the Citrix environment and configuration, on a server by server basis, together with a list of detailed recommendations on changes required.

For more information, download the Thintech Health factsheet(opens in a new window).

Why Thintech?

  • Thintech has a proven track record of delivering real world Citrix solutions
  • We are a Gold Specialist, placing us in the top 5% of Citrix partners in the world
  • We have Citrix expertise that dates back to 1996 – the original Citrix release of WinFrame
  • We are accredited and certified to provide all of the entire range of Citrix solutions encompassing Desktop and Application Virtualisation; Networking and Security;
  • Documentation, File Sharing and Collaboration; Mobility and Remote Access both on Citrix and complementary technologies
  • We have designed, implemented and continue to support many of the UKs leading companies and public sector institutions.

For a Thintech Health quotation tailored to the scope your organisation’s Citrix server farm, contact us.